Schedule of Fees & Charges

Life, Pension & PRSA Fees

Clients may elect to deal with us on a fee basis. In such cases, an hourly rate of €150 will apply.

Additional fees may be payable for complex cases or to reflect value, specialist skills or urgency. We will give an estimate of this rate in advance of providing you with services. If we receive a commission from a product provider, this will be offset against the fee which we will charge you. Where the commission is greater than the fee due, the commission will become the amount payable to the intermediary unless an arrangement to the contrary is made.

Mortgage Fees

We may receive up to 1% of the loan amount for arranging mortgage finance. This commission is paid by the mortgage lender at no additional cost to the borrower.

Please note that lenders may charge specific fees in certain circumstances and if this applies, these fees will be specified in your Loan Offer and are usually added to the loan amount. You have the right to pay a fee separately and not include it in the loan. Typically, this situation arises in relation to specialist lending.

If we provide mortgage advice and obtain a Loan Offer for you and you subsequently do not proceed with your mortgage application through our firm, we will charge you an arrangement fee of €500 for our services.

For all other mortgage services, our fees are €150 per hour.

Debt Management Fees

Fees for Debt Management Services will be charged at a maximum rate of €150 per hour. A minimum case fee of €500 will apply. Where negotiations lead to the waiving of debt by a lender a fee not exceeding 4% of any amount waived may be charged. In such instances, this fee will be inclusive of any other fees already paid.

VAT will be charged on all fees, if applicable and where required.